saw an old highschool friend yesterday night. he has a huge beard which is dyed in red and black stripes, but other than that he's the same as ever. like, the SAME. still living at home, still has a harsh "school sucks" attitude. christ. the boy's a genius or at least a smart cookie, I met him in the "do highschool in 1 year" class I was in, but oy, what a waste. if school sucks to you, it is doing you no good. go do something you believe in fer chrissake, don't just sit around feeling superior because you surround yourself with "idiots".

sigh. I think it seems extra pathetic because that's the headspace I was in too, five years ago when I knew him.

I get the impression he was ringing me up to see if I was still cute or single or whatever. He seemed disappointed to hear about my boyfriend of 3 years, anyhow. Later on in the evening he made vague comments about all the women of the world conspiring against him. sigh. yeah, we've banded together to restrain ourselves from dating you, even though normally we think guys who still live with their mom and play 40 hours of video games a week are total SEX MAGNETS...

Speaking of my wonderful boyfriend of 3 years, he lived here for two weeks and now he's moved back home to tie up loose ends for a while (and avoid my 5:30 am alarm clock..), but he was happy enough about the experience to commit to moving out with me to a two bedroom place in january when my lease is up. Yay! I also have a new quasi-part time job (oh, how many kinds of stupid am I? "No free time? I'll.. work more!") which will pay me exactly the amount that he would have paid in rent, so finances are also in pretty happy order. Wheeee.

My school schedule is starting to wear on me. Today's my first midterm, which is kind of relieving. I'm a third of the way through, it says. Next semester will be during RRSP season (aka, really busy-ass at work for me, for you laymen&laywomen out there). Hopefully I can take biology as an online course. I think I'll go accost a UBC advisor too, and see if I really REALLY have to take two physics courses. I don't wanna. Just wanna take one. The physics department doesn't seem to understand the concept of "night class" at all, so god knows how I'll even take the one. Maybe I can talk them in to offering one. Ha, ha, ha. Well, I'll work it out when the time comes.

I hate hives.