I feel like I'm caught in a whirlpool or something: moving fast, but not advancing forward in time. Fret, fret, fret.. do nothing.

A broker down the hall is holding a three minute vigil of silence for Cisco's sinking market price on the TSE today. Hee. The people here are nuts.

My choir concert is this sunday. I'm so excited. It makes me so happy to sing. I think maybe I'll join a second choir or at least take a voice clinic or something in the spring. More, more, more!

It's wet and grey and cold and the five day forecast is Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain. I'm spoiled - we've had summer up until mid november, but now it's winter. I'm spoiled there too, though, I suppose - we rarely drop below zero and it hasn't snowed before January in three years except on the ski mountains. I want to build a fire anyhow. I think I should take December off, spend it hibernating, drinking apple cider with my comforter pulled over my head and my cat asleep (ha!) on my lap.

Ikea makes good inflatable couches. They don't break if four adults tackle them and jump up and down and treat it as a trampoline / football field.