I wish I had more cools, I just want to cool things all day long. (I shouldn't complain; I had all the cools in the world as an editor. Now I don't, but I also gleefully skip over horrible writeups without bookmarking them and feeling guilty and avoiding e2 for.. for.. hours! until I feel like taking take of them.) I keep running across users I've never noticed before who have like, a thousand writeups and most of them very nice.

Today it is Blaaf. I stumbled on him while looking for nodes about running. I am alwasy pleasantly surprised when I develop a new interest or curiousity because e2 always obliges with some tasty new tidbit.

I am running a 5k race on sunday! I am so excited. It's my first. I am hoping to be able to run most of the way.

I am having a party (but it's not my birthday, it's someone else's birthday) on December 15 in Vancouver. You are invited. And you. Not him, though. He has bad breath. Also you. Invited, not bad breath.