I've been noding Whitman for the last several weeks, and it's worn off on me. Feeding my cat by the window, this came to me:

Looking out in to the grey afternoon, I see a woman.
Walking her dog on the naked alley, striding quickly,
Not looking left,
Not looking right,
I see her,
and she is not alone.
I see a man loading boxes on to a truck, leaving behind his home,
I see him and he is not alone.
You, beneath the streetlights beyond my view, beyond my city, beyond my horizon
I know you and you are not alone.
You, on the mountaintop serene,
You, in the fields of toil and sweat,
You, in the empty plains,
You, in the distant and misty past,
You, on the future's foggy plateau,
What a great raucous crowd we form!
How like steel the bond between us!