Oof, so sleepy.

I had a nice picnic yesterday. My hax0r and I walked along False Creek and ate IGA chicken and apple chips and broccoli. My raspberries were completely devoid of any natural sweetness. I ate them today mashed up with brown sugar. Across the water was some sort of device sitting about 10 feet in to the water, with two white buoys attached to metal rods attached to what I can only describe as a space laser. Like, think Howard the Duck. Must be some kind of public art project.

Work, work, work. My partner is back from vacation on monday. Potential new company owner guy asks me how I'm managing without her - suspicious amid all the turmoil and cutbacks, I answer with a cautious "I'm pretty busy." Hmm. I'm so paranoid these days.

Hax0r has strep throat, it turns out. D'oh. Maybe I'll get strep throat for the 3rd time this year..

So sleepy.. missed a movie meet and seeing long lost friend who is just back from Montreal for the summer.. but I suppose he'll be around other times.

My cat is too curious for his own good.