It's Victoria Day in Canada, so no work today. I came home today to find that my cat, Toby, has somehow managed to open my freezer door, and it's been open for about a day. AGHHHH! CAT! HOW? My perogies are all floppy, my dumplings are a wreck, and I've had to throw out all sorts of sketchy now-thawed meat. Sigh.

I'm grumpy. My belly muscles are all seized up.

I'm afraid to go to my folks' home for dinner tonight.. I'm so going to come home and find that he's thrown my bed out the window or something.

I tried to rent Being John Malkovich (excellent film!) last night to make my boyfriend watch it, but they won't issue me a rogers video card. Bastards! Why on earth do I need to have a major credit card? I'm getting a video, not a mortgage. I'm curious now how I managed to get my other rogers video card at the other branch.

Update: okay, so my bed is not, in fact, in the street.