Og, what a rat-bastard week. I was diagnosed with depression a few months back, but this week I was taken off the medication I've been taking because of some weird (potential) side effects, and I've been in and out of clinics and labs all week gettings tests to find out if the symptoms are related to the drug and if not, what they are caused by. Meanwhile, stopping the drugs has been an experience not unlike triple PMS plus tax. Crying, random mood swings, boy o boy. Meanwhile, I've been fasting for several days for one of the tests, making me a grumpy spacecase. Meanwhile, our choir had our spring concert, which I attended despite my weak, weak state.

Ahhh. The concert was beautiful. We sang Rutter's hauntingly beautiful Requiem, and we damn well haunted the place. Oh, god, I love to sing. I had my last (I hope) test yesterday, so I can eat again. I had some soggy, overcooked perogies with chunky sour cream and stale bacon bits and 2 year old barbecue sauce, and god almighty was it the best meal of my life. Then I went to monsoon, a wonderful local restaurant, and had a very nice reintroduction to solid food. I've been exercising. Yay for me! Took a little break during my fast and while my leg was gimpy the gimpiest gimp in gimpland, but I'm going to ease my way back in to the swing of it. I saw a psychiatrist yesterday. He's a funny fellow, but he seems to have good advice. I'll take it.