There's a lightning storm tonight in vancouver. Normally I'd say thunderstorm, but it's right here, I see blue flashes outside my window, it's crazy. And it's quiet. I see the lightning but hear the thunder minutes later, probably from other places in the city. Is it like the chestnut about gunfire? You never hear the one that gets you? It's cool. White, blue.. gone.

The elevator in my apartment building echoes if you sing in it. And to think I might never have known..

I was given a bouquet of herbs tonight from the lead alto's garden. (lots of green, mm, with two flowers, chives that had gone to flower) Sage, oregano, two kinds of mint, chives, rosemary, basil. Smells heavenly. What a good idea.. lovely as flowers, and no pollen leaping up my nose.

Hee, I just wrote node automatically instead of nose, as I'd intended.

There's a riiiiiver in Judea...

tabnet's back up. I'm not sure if I'm pleased or not, but there it is.