I went to perpetual dream theory's last show tonight. oh wow, what an amazing show.

in the afternoon I went over to my boy's haus for his dad's birthday supper. mmm, what a good supper. mmm, what a good family. I like them a whole lot. joe's brother ben is in PDT, and he was tinkering with (as in, disassembling and rewiring) his amp to make it distort more. cool! we all brought noisemakers with us. I brought pennywhistles, tom brought an enormous conch shell (which sounds an E flat, we discovered), and joe brought a trumpet. ben taught him how to play it in the back of Blunt Brothers, while wearing the superhero cape (yes, yes, the very one whose construction I detailed here) I made him for christmas.

we pile in to the table in front of the stage with our friends and fellow PDT fan club members (seanni and pseudo_intellectual among 'em), and the show starts. oh oh oh... maybe it just seemed extra super good because I knew it was the last show, but wow, what an extra super good show. wow wow wow. Ben had quit the band earlier, but since it was their last show, hooked up with them again. He's good. He's amazing. He made his feedback sound like a flute playing. He rocks up and down the town. Gordon is amazing. He sings so well now. Eryn is amazing. Todd was groovy. Sean was.. oh sean is special. Sean is the drummer and he's got enough charisma for three or four dozen front men. Gordon writes all sorts of songs in bizarre time signatures, and sean eats them up like candy as far as I can tell. I am so happy and lucky that I have such wonderful and talented friends.

Back before PDT there was a band called casa del sol who sang a song about BC Transit, which is more or less my favourite song ever. Eryn won't sing it 'cause it's embarassing. Every show I ask if she knows any songs about buses. Today me and ben and gordon conspire to play it anyhow. After the last song, Real..

ohh.. that was such a good song.. what a rocking send-off.

anyway, afterwards we asked if eryn knew any songs about buses. "No!" she says, laughing. "I don't know any songs about buses!" So I get on stage and gord and ben start playing and I start singing the bus song. Heehee. That was so much fun. I asn't as nervous as I thought I would be, but then I was playing for my friends. I know they love me. Or maybe that made it harder; I didn't care about the strangers at farther away tables. Whatever, whatever.

I was so bounce bounce bounce after. The lundervilles gave me a ride home after and they came in and had tea in my apartment. After they left I turned off all the lights and watched them leave, sleepy joe jumping over barriers and ben's cape glittering in the night. I love them.

my cats are fighting again. erghh. I hope it's just susie being grumpy after coming back from a teeth cleaning, because if she's still fighting next week I'll have to take her back to the SPCA. Oh, I hope not. At least if I do she'll be healthier than whan she started. Sigh.