An annoying dream: after my alarm goes off at 5:30, I drift back off to sleep, dreaming that I am up and about, that I've reset the alarm clock as needed for my still slumbering roommate, that I've slept in until 5:50 and then made my lunch. I wake up again at 5:36 and get up for real. I think this means my sleep latency is very very low. Maybe.

I dreamed earlier that I had tickets good for candy, from a bar called "The Bluenote". Definitely a bar, but somehow mixed up in the candy trade. I had vague suspicions that they laced their candy with booze, giving it a soporific effect popular with parents, but I found no proof. The tickets weren't mine, but I'd "borrowed" them to effect some cockeyed scheme whereby I get lots of candy, and the owner of the tickets, my boyfriend's father, gets the same number back. There were a few close shaves, but I think I was on the right side of the law when I woke up.

I am having so much trouble remembering since I stopped taking paxil. I almost want to go back on to it for the complete and accurate memory of my dreams, but I think that's fortunately too much of a hassle.