I am in the elevator. I thought I pressed 3 but it doesn't stop at my floor and won't let me do it again. It doesn't stop at 5 either for the other people, but keeps going up, on up to 16. My building only has 5 floors, so this is upsetting to us. It stops for a moment, then heads down again and opens at G. I get out to use the stairs; the 5th floor people want to try again. I run in to the building manager. "The elevator is doing imaginary things. I thought you would want to know."

I walk through a convenient window in to an alternate dimension. It's a serene and natural place. Sunny. Forest nearby. I am standing in a field wih knee-high yellow grasses. There are rocks and the ocean somewhere close.

I know immediately that when I find an elevator in this world, maybe thousands of years later, it will work.