Joe and I are floating down the road. It looks like a normal road, but it's really liquid. We have cork shoes. Joe's back is broad enough to be a pretty good sail, so we're cruising along at 5 knots an hour. (in my dream this is really fast. I have no idea how fast a knot is.) We get on the bus, whose floor is also liquid. It's pretty crowded and people keep splashing the floor around by accident. Finally we find a seat in the back. (the seats are thankfully solid.) Everyone in the row behind us is asleep. Joe starts poking one of them - he doesn't look familiar but when he wakes up he turns in to his brother. "Oh good!" I say. "I can finally return your pinking shears!" I pull a nice pair of pinking shears out of my purse. "Oh, that's great, I'll need these later too." he says, and puts them away carefully in the old leather pinking shear holster he has on his belt. (it doubles as a guitar strap. all in all, it makes him look like a whiz-bang space ranger.) Holding hands, joe and his brother fall asleep again. I'm feeling too bouncy to sleep, so I sit upside down in my seat, feet in the air. I notice that there are fish in the floor trying to nibble on joe's police shoes. I shoo them away by making cat noises. This is immensely tiring; I turn rightside up and lean on joe and promptly fall asleep. Oddly, this is when I wake up.