I was at my boyfriend's family's house last night, except it was actually the house that my cousins in Mission used to live in, except it was by the seashore, not overlooking a hillside by the fraser river. Joe, my boyfriend, was in the bathroom adjusting his tie. He shooed me away, because I kept trying to get him to wear a plastic sword. He agreed to as long as I'd stop trying to tie his tie - the only knots I knew were for lashing things, which wasn't very productive. Hee. I wander off and help ben, his brother, braid his hair. (in real life, his hair is extremely short) I have to braid quickly, because his hair won't stop growing until I'm done. When I finish, it's only a little longer than shoulder length. Whew. Meanwhile his beard has reached halfway down his chest. We give up and just cut it off. Someone rings the doorbell; it's a small brown women, my height but with ten times more mischief. She announces she's Ben's date. Ben's never met her before but we all accept her authority on the matter and head out to stanley park, where we enter a maze. Our objective is to find Bree (zarah) and Rowan (p_i). We never do. I walk 50 feet above everyone on a ledge of rock, announcing periodically that I'm taller than everyone, as I am wont to do. After a while, joe reaches up and easily catches my ankle (he has 50 foot arms, who knew?) (joe is 6'5" in real life) and pulls me down. Aw, man. Now he's the tallest again. Except when the mysterious girl who won't tell anyone her name becomes a western red cedar for a few seconds at a time. Aha, here is the path to the waterfall! Zarah surely went this way (we have, by this point, given up on Rowan, having decided he was probably asleep in an eagle's nest somewhere). We go up, but no one is there. The waterfall is manmade and not too tall. It empties in to a big kidney shaped pool like the one at kits beach. Joe gleefully jumps off in to the pool below. I stand at the edge, wondering if I can climb down it. In a surprise attack, ben's date takes a running start and jumps in the pool, taking ben and I with her. AHHHHHH! splash. This woman is a champion swimmer; she collects us both and Joe besides in the pool and pushes us to the extreme shallow end. (like Kits pool, it's graduated like a sea shore, sloping right up to the surface.) Then, sprouting white swan wings, she flies away. Hmm. We dust ourselves off (we're dusty, not wet. joe's tie isn't out of place, but his sword is floating around in the pool. he fetches it with one of those reachy things lifeguards have. ben's braid is a little crooked; I fix it with a hair clip shaped like a butterfly. my hair is wildly misbehaving. I tease it up a bit higher.) and go have virgin margaritas in the nearby pool lounge. We look so glamourous that the waiter awards us all a string of pearls. Joe and Ben start discussing the tensile strength of the strings of pearls and whether they or a ceiling fan would break first. I wake up. My cats were watching the monkeys on my ceiling fan (I have monkeys from a barrel o monkeys dangling from the end of lengths of braided yarn on my fan because I can't reach the actual switches without standing on a chair) but give it up and come say hi to me in bed.

I also dreamed that I found my beloved stuffed toy, Miss Honeybee, who has been missing for some weeks. It was very saddening when I realized that I hadn't actually found her. Boo. I've had her since birth. I can't believe she's gone. I'm going to stop at the transit lost and found today. Maybe I somehow left her on the bus. (cry)