I was pushing a stroller diagonally across Terminal and Main, the busiest intersection in the city. Once the stroller left the sidewalk, it was clear that I was in fact training a golden retriever assistance dog (like a seeing eye dog, but not for blind people - some go to people in manual wheelchairs to help them move and do things in the house, some to deaf people to alert them to sounds, and some as social dogs for people, often people with a mental disability. anyhow, I think this puppy was a wheelchair puller.) for the Pacific Assistance Dog Society, and once we'd crossed to the other side and the stroller was gone, it was clear that I was a police officer played by Bruce Willis. I get a call on my cellphone from the chief of police. There's been a terrible terrible series of crimes committed, involving kidnapped children etc., and somehow the supervillain has communicated to him that I am to conduct the investigation, or they all die. Meanwhile, I can't leave my dog just sitting here! I call some woman at the chief's suggestion. It's clear to me, never having met her, that she is in fact the woman who was in Being John Malkovich, the Maxine character. I call her three times and somehow manage to forget my name and what I'm doing (stunned stupid by her.. sexy phone voice? who knows? It's kind of funny how easily as a girl I'm willing to attribute extreme acts of stupidity to a male sex drive..), so she hangs up on me. The third time, after looking at a prescription bottle of pills in my pocket and seeing that my first name is Rob (but short for David, somehow.. I love dream logic.), I spout out an elegant three sentences about the plot of this movie so far, punctuated with my dog's howling as, presumably, my ignoring him for even seconds has undone months of training. Then I woke up. Sigh! Someone in Hollywood is leaving rejected trailers in my mind.