There were worms everywhere, little wee slugs, and one completely black rat. My parents' cat was over visiting; he and my Toby had a field day chasing this rat all around. The rat kept burrowing in to my bed. HAHHGHdghsgaf. They never caught it. I had a big rectangle of green astroturf near the kitchen, and on it you could see little white worms crawling around. Y1 and Y2 came to visit. Y1 had spray anti-worming agent and immediately began to spray everything. I seized it and sprayed one huge worm for about 20 seconds before it stopped moving, but o, it stopped. Y1 has it back, and also some bizarre gel to the same effect and is trying to force it down my mouth. This is extremely disturbing because generally this fellow is one of the quietest and most respectful folks I know. I grab both and go take a vigourous bath with them. (Both cans, not both boys) Meanwhile Y2 is pacing about, yelling angrily at the worms. He has worms. Some female with dark hair is brushing her hair in the bathroom I'm in. I keep asking her to close the door and she does but then it opens again. I can see that another female friend of mine is here to visit; I can see her wheelchair frame through the crack in the door. I get dressed; the girls are gone. Now the worms and the lone slug are a laughing matter. We sneer at the poor sense they have in being out on the countertops where there's no food and no people, just poison. We take turns using the infrared goggles to see them, for it's completely pitch black.


I wake up convinced I'm holding on to Y1's shoulders, but no, it's just a blanket. Odd.