A boy I know was krazyglued to the floor of his bedroom. He didn't mind so much, because the windows let in enough light for photosynthesis to occur and he's an easygoing fellow anyhow. I brought him grape punch juiceboxes and a blue silk shirt, much too small for him, so he wouldn't get too hungry or bored. His roommate seemed irked, and grumpily slung his bed over his shoulder and took over the neighbouring bedroom. After the roommate'd left the room, my friend sheepishly pointed to a pot (an elite double boiler, no less), the roommate's, that was half dissolved by krazy glue. (somehow..) I gave him a hug and wandered off to the UBC Sewing Department to get some invisible thread to sew some aspect of that room back together. I ran in to his father, who suggested we solder it instead. He was on his way to the pool, but promised to bring his soldering iron, which was in his swimming locker, afterwards.

I was completely convinced, as I was doing my laundry today, that this had happened this afternoon, until I realized that I had been at work. My friend photosynthesizing his supper didn't strike me as odd until later..