I had a horrible sleep last night, waking up many times, but as a result remembered many many dreams.

I am in a strange love triangle (octagon?) that I can't quite keep track of. I try to keep lists of the names of everyone involved, but by the time I write them down, the list is obsolete and the participants have changed. This is very frustrating, since I'm in charge of registering us with the department of vital statistics.

I have four sets of siamese twins. I keep them planted in big pots by the window. sometimes they sprout leaves and look like grapefruit trees. (I think my unconscious mind has a photosynthesis fetish.)

I am at a tennis match! Joe is refereeing VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY. Everyone is using basketballs instead of tennis balls. I'm very confused.

My parents and sister live in my apartment. I don't know where they sleep, but they're there when I wake up. We walk to work and I am late, late, late.