Okay, I may not be moving. (positive thoughts: I will, I will, I will.) I can easily afford my new apartment, but the landlord is concerned, because it's above the magical "30% of gross income" rule that all the credit guidelines seem to have conspired upon. Damnit, that assumes that the average person (a) has a car and (b) needs 15% of their income to discharge credit card debt. Maybe the average person does, but I don't. I sent him a good letter. I think it was a good letter. The building manager thought it was good. I hope that satisfies him; the apartment I want to switch to is pretty sweet. (hyuk hyuk, sweet, suite.. nevermind. shut up.)

Everything I-Ching tells me to wait patiently and accept what comes, but the Wanderer gives me hope.

I can't believe I'm consulting the Everything I-Ching. I'm so panicked up about this. I'm going to go meditate in the staff bathroom now.

Maybe EDB will co-sign. He doesn't have any income, but he's pretty convincing.