I got this recipe from a cookbook in my Katimavik project leader's house in another province about a year ago, and alas, cannot remember its name. This dressing is amazingly tasty if you like bleu cheese at all. Unlike most bleu cheese dressings, this isn't creamy - it's closer to an italian dressing.

3/4 C (190mL) olive oil
1/2 C (125mL) red wine vinegar (it's important to use red wine vinegar. I've tried it with blackberry vinegar and with balsamic vinegar and it's just gross. A touch of balsamic vinegar is nice, though, as long as you also put in all the red wine vinegar.)
3 T (45mL) mustard
2 green onions (scallions), finely chopped
1 t (7mL) garlic powder (if you use fresh garlic, use much less, maybe a half or a third of a clove. any more is wasted - the bleu cheese just overpowers anything more than a subtle hint.)
1 t (7mL)salt
1/2 t (4mL) pepper
(I also like to add about a t of tarragon, but it's not in the recipe.)
4 oz (100-125g) bleu cheese (the stronger the better, baby), crumbled (more or less a handful. if you have bigger hands than me and use more, it's okay. bleu cheese is yummy.)

Food process everything but the cheese until smooth. Put in a bowl and stir in the crumbled bleu cheese. Cover and chill overnight. Makes 1.5 C (about 375mL).

Resist the urge to eat it before it's marinated overnight. It tastes fabulous right after you make it, but it gets even better in the fridge. Best of all is leftovers about three days later, but I don't expect anyone to wait that long to taste it. Mmmm.