I returned 45 library books today so they'll let me take out more. I went out for lunch with my mom and we ordered too much chinese food. I carried the extraneous cruft from my desk two floors downstairs. We're moving tomorrow so all is delightful chaos today. It's been casual day all week and today people are in jean shorts and have their hair tied up and are strong arming filing cabinets. Everyone's got the smiles. It's raining out and we're playing some weird reggae synth country fusion music that a weird friend of one of the managers (we have such a manager surplus here. eight employees: one is the president, one is the CFO, three more are managers.. (well, plus 45 associates in branch offices, but they don't count. they're the force of nature that give us orders to process..)) gave her. It's really bad but we're listening anyhow so we can make fun of it. We're a band of Heckle and Jecklers today. I spent two hours in word finishing up the newsletter. I like text boxes. They're the one good kludge that makes Word bearable to use at all as a DTP program. I got paid today. I hope we somehow lose the ficcus tree that sits next to my desk in the move. We're only moving two floors, but perhaps my powerful hatred will make it pop in to an alternate dimension. It's four trees, actually, braided together, which looks so sad and pathetic. It's not so much the getting-in-my-eyes-when-I-pass-it-on-my-roller-chair that bothers me as the your-tortured-existence-as-a-mutilated-houseplant-grieves-me sort of irritation. No hard feelings, ficcus, but we've just got to part ways.

I have Go Down, Moses stuck in my head again. I don't know why. The tune's not catchy. I think I'm just in a catching mood. An english teacher of mine in highschool said once to us "Sometimes when you just have an Ear, when you're ready for inspiration, and anything, any ordinary thing, can become something that inspires you and moves you to create change in your life." well, not those words exactly, but that's what I took away from it. Witness, thus, people who can take inane song lyrics and then with the wave of inertia they glean from them, move across the country and start a religion and get a doctorate in physics.

Humans are so cool.