Taza World, Season 5 - Episode 6 Preview "Taza did what??" (Taza)

Note: This episode preview focuses primarily on the events involving the character Taza, and not so much Lars, Jaie, or Fish.

Main Cast: Taza, Lars, Jaie, Fish
Supporting Cast: Jon, Scott, Katie
Guest Stars: Emily, Jenn,


Recent polls indicate our target audience is tiring of the Taza/Lina thing. If this trend continues, ratings will undoubtably plummet! As a devoted member of the supporting cast and a steady guest star, Lina has consistantly contributed to the series, making the decision a tough one for the suits upstairs. In the end the bottom line must be upheld, so it is my sad duty to announce the departure of Lina from Taza World. We all wish her the best of luck with her HBO spin-off, Lina World. Expect the breakup scene to occur sometime on Monday, probably afternoon.

On a completely unrelated note, it looks like Taza and Katie are going to become an item, neither of which got much sleep Sunday night.

Jenn still manages to make a solid appearance early in the week, while Taza's conscience remains at large. So don't forget to tune in for this week's Taza World. It promises to be a page right out of your favorite spanish soap opera.