My friend and I play board games in our study hall to pass the time, this is before I had heard of E2. Anyways, we usaully play Risk, a board game in which I am quite skilled, but that particular day we found a dusty old board game from the 1970s called Rail Baron. It was an instant hit in our study hall and my friend and I went on an active search to discover a copy of Rail Baron that was in mint condition. While searching for a copy, we stumbled across the the web site of the Boardgame Players Association. The people on this web site were the classic geek that my friends and I make fun of in high shcool. My friend and I, in a brilliant flare of immaturity, sent the links to as many peopel as we could find, and we got many laughs out of the "patheticness" of the people on this site.

At this point you're probably thinking, blah blah this is just the idiotic ramblings of a dumbass high schooler, but I urge you to read on...

Why do people prey on people who appear to be weaker than them? For satisfaction? To boost their egos? Because the end product of this taunting causes immeasurable pain and suffering. I'm not talking about the boardgamers anymore, but rather the kids who I would taunt. The irony is that i'm half-geek too. I'll be in school and make fun of kids and come home and program in java, or read a physics book (God forbid!) In lieu of school shootings that have occured since Columbine, couldn't it be said that if these tauntings had never occurred these tragedies could have been prevented?

Back to the Board Gamers thing. For some reason it eats away at my conscience. Most of you think thats pathetic, but I don't. Maybe its because I was making fun of something that they truly love. So now I'm trying to make some changes in my life. The world would be a better place if there were more board gamers.