Here I am, waiting for the 6 gig gzip of my /home to transfer to another box in preparation of a reformat and installation of Red Hat Linux 7. Personally, I love SuSE, but the boss-man says we need to standardize.. meaning we all have to run *his* pet distro.

I have this nagging feeling that I'm selling out.

I feel like I'm taking for granted all the mojo love that the lesser-known distros have bestowed upon me. I'm joining the mainstream, and it pains me. I have this image that Red Hat is the "Trend of the moment", just like baggy-jeans with Tommy Hilfiger boxers, or Eminem.

I feel so dirty, yet strangely exhilarated. Like I'm part of the big picture. Like I'm doing something naughty.

As MDFMK blares in my ears for the last time while running SuSE, I realize I might like being naughty.