I still have them Tucked into a back bookcase somewhere. They showed people as they really were. They showed them as Bastards. All of them.

I remember at the end of my senior year. It was quite a faculty arranged fiasco getting the damned dirty thing, and so I decided I was going to make the best of having it. I made everyone scratch in it, even as much as two or three times. Even people whom I was confident I'd never even seen before; they sure as hell thought I sat behind them in Mrs. Koplin's trig class. They thought I coppied the answers from them on the "End of year sudden painful death" exam.

I can be such a dick sometimes. By the end of the day, I was just randoming wrenching away leather-bound volumes from unsuspecting hands and scribbling random flotsam or half finsihed questions with odd grammar. I'm sure some poor schmuck is still sitting at home, gentry rocking and reading through his old yeatbook, wondering who wrote "Your Cat Will Never Be Pink Again" on page 47, right under the candid snapshot a Julie Dormeider wearing the checked Gingham dress standing next to Mr. Bailey, "the Jerry Garcia of Sophmore biology".