A public service announcement from a fellow noder on the subject of

More and more in the database, we are seeing writeups being integrated to achieve a more fluent form of communications. This is a good thing that has been a long time coming. We, as a whole, need to understand the benefits of reducing granularity.


Some people have chosen to supersede other writeups in a node by rewriting pre-existing writeups, especially pre-epoch writeups and whatnot. This is OK, but do one thing:

If you're going to supersede after the fact, credit and acknowledge the fact that your nodemates had the info in their nodes before you did. This is common courtesy because, without it, people think that the 'later' writeups are parroting what you said and they'll be downvoted, nuked and cursed for copying content when, in reality, they didn't.

This is the disclaimer: I say this because I've got no less than 2 editor /msgs in as many days saying that my X wu is just a copy of an older writeups when, in fact, they coppied me without citing. Please, give credit where credit is due. Thank you.