"Painted Lady" or "Painted Ladies" (for a collection of them) is the term given to the archtypical Victorian-esque row-houses that are common associated with Bay Area California (though they are found in other places, as well).

The "picture postcard" variety Painted Lady will be a mid-to-late 1800's row-house, though mansions and bigger homes will also fall into this category. As the name implies, the house will be ornately painted; sometimes (but not always) painted in outlandish or "loud" colours, the main stipulation is attention to details: the modlings, trellises, shutters and woodwork will all have focus independent of the siding itself, akin to the detail that one would lavish on a finely crafted childs playhouse.

In many other places, especially the Mid-west, they are also referred to as Gingerbread Houses.