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The [Stereotypical] work day in the western culture, classically refering to the Mid-1950's conception of a father in a pressed suit working at some nameless company in some nameless office high-rise. It means, quite obviously, to arrive at work at 9 [AM] and then leave work for the day at 5 [PM].

This of course makes the dangerous (and dated) assumption that your employer gives you paid lunch times and counts them as part of your day. I say dated because while that kind of idea sounds absurd now (A boss paying your to eat food? [As if]!), in talking to some of my older relatives who were of working age in the middle of the last century, I have been led to believe that 30-50 years ago it wasn't odd at all.. and in many cases it was expected. However in this day, many full time days start at 8 AM and go to 5 PM to make allowances for an unpaid hour-long [lunch break].

This phrase also takes on a certain triteness in the new age of the [global economy] where business is happening non-stop all around the word, and especially in some [Information Technology] positions were the very idea of every leaving your office just seems like some fanciful dream.