Okay, my Ego is being officially stroked today, and I'm so bubbly I can't hold it anymore for fear I'll void the warranty of the Scotchgaurded carpet.

One of the most amusing points of the day has been when one of my more sexually charged nodes hit the grand reputation of... wait for it... wait... 69! Que Ironico! That fact in itself was enought to make me laugh out lot, much to the confusion of thr Java Programmer across from me.

The second happy point is I apparently have my first (unrequited) E2 Stalker! She (the fact that it's a "she" makes me giggle) says she is stalking me because, and I quote, "He is so damn cool". I couldn't ask for more then this... well, I could ask, but I wouldn't get it. A lot of my E2-based resentment has been melting away today.. yes, I harbour issues with E2; Big, extreme, foot-crushing issues... but they're best left for another time.

And of course, the final straw of my happy day today is that I get to spend the evening with my ever understanding sweetheart -- I'm sappy, I know, but I'm really, really looking forward to it.

I have no ending for this, so I take a small bow.