I dislike being male.

I'm not saying that men are evil, mean and sadistic (though some are), I just think that somehow I would have worked out better if I had been hatched female. Curse the androgen wash.

Maybe it's just being a geek or whatnot, but I never felt I completely fit into the whole male gender thing. I hate sports, red meat, strip-clubs, cars, dogs and all the other things that males, typically, like. About the only thing remotely 'normal' I like is women, and even then I don't consider 24.3 minutes in the back seat to qualify as romance.

But my sublime contempt is reserved for the the fact that everyone expects men to be soul-less horn-dogs who know everything about sex. Think about it -- it's easy to expect a guy to be a hormonal trollop, but for some reason it is considered 'wrong' for a boy to be **gasp** afraid of sex.

Well, damn it, It scares me. Why must I be hurt and insulted because I'm still apprehensive about the whole thing. Do people think that men are born with the 'karma sutra' embedded in their genetic code?

And would someone please tell me why the hell it's considered wrong for a boy to cry? I want every idiot out there who thinks this to listen very carefully: MEN HAVE EMOTIONS TOO! The substitution of a Y chromosome does not magically turn off our feelings. Being used and dumped hurts a guy just as much as a girl.

And yet, somehow this is considered acceptable. It's the status quo to teach boys to suppress their emotions. Didn't anyone stop to think that that might be why men are so violent? We have years and decades of suppressed and bottled feelings inside of us that have no other socially acceptable outlet other than donning pads and helmets and beating the living shit out of each other.

There exists, in the western world, a double standard that fucking pisses me off. Women are allowed to be whatever and however they want to be... men are allowed to be what they want as long they conform to the standards of what a 'real' man should be. Not allowed to be sensetive, not at all.

I hate to break this to everyone, but if you keep saying a person 'is' a certain way, eventually they will start to believe you and become just that. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.