A Mag Light, like a Picasso, is a thing of beauty, through and through.

For those of you who don't know, A "Mag Light" is shorthand for a line of superior flashlights made by the Mag Instrument Corporation of California, USA. This company makes electric torches that are prized above nearly all others for many reason:

  • They are manufactured to highs standards of precision. We're talking military grade, here.
  • They are terribly reliable and nearly indestructable. Machined aluminium, baby.
  • Can you say "Spare bulb in the handle?"
  • They look frickin' cool.
They come in all the colours of the rainbow (courtesy of anodized aluminium), and every size you need; from the smaller varieties, the single AAA Solitareand the two AA mini-Mag, and the huge sizes all the way up to the six D-cell "Police Beater".

A highly prized tool by techies (computer, stage and otherwise). Found near steel-toed boots and Leathermans.