Donuts. Thats all they are.

My area recently received their first 'Krispy Kreme' Donut Franchise a few months ago (in Orem I think). I was so stoked. I'd heard about these delicious goodies from many a pilgrim to mystical land of 'vegas. About how they are the closest thing to an orgasm that does not require touching yourself. So one day, I took the arduous trek (about 60 miles) to this new location, pulled up to the window, and order a couple of their signature glazed donuts and a bottle of milk to go with them.

I drove myself to a secluded area, mentally preparing myself for the stellar experience I was about to, erm, experience.

I pulled one of the the shiny, warm torus'es from their grease stained bag, and, in a fit of pastry lust, bit off half of it.

It was...

It was...

It was a glazed donut.

That's all.


I honestly don't see what's so good about them that they IPO'ed and raised several million dollars. For my money, I'd just rather get some from Dunkin Donuts. They ain't bad, but they're not better than sex.