This is a response to E2 Public Relations Issues. It's put here because this is the place for things like this, and I don't like perpetuating self-referential fluff.

To the New Noders

One of the issues that many new noders labour under when they first come here is.. brace yourself.. one of self-esteem. That's right, I said it. They think when they get a node nuked or get rebuked by an editor that they are somehow less of a person; that the editor who chastised them doesn't like them anymore and that everyone thinks they're evil.

This is surely not the case.

You have to do an awful lot of evil stuff to make anyone (anyone of consequence anyway) hate you. Some people might be annoyed when you namespace lyrics or when you mis-spell a node title but please, under no circumstances should you take it personally.

But, sadly, the first time you realize one of you nodes was zapped, many of us (myself included) go into damage limitation mode. Rather than admiting the node was shite, we say the editor exercised bad judgment. Sometimes this is the case.. but seldom.

What is the best thing to do when a prized node gets the nukes? If you can, find out who nuked it and ask then why they did it. Don't whine, just ask nicely and most of the time they will tell you, and tell you what you should be doing differently. And if you're trying to be a decent human being and the editor in question is mean and nasty about it, well, fuck 'em.

You can't take anything on E2 personally.

To the Old Noders

Before you spazz out over the ineptitude of a new noder, and before you pass judgment on them, remember a key fact: You were there once, as well. Even though you might not want to admit it, you've done some stupid things and been an ass at times, too.

It's just life.

Before you chastise, think. Mellow. Offer your assistance, of you can. As noder, you have an obligation to help others (yeah, you heard right. Obligation) because they vote on your nodes, and you on theirs. Every user is the most important person on E2.

To the Editors

I'm saving the best for last.

Just kidding.

To the editors I have a few words to say, and they're mean ones and are bound to hurt some feelings, so brace yourself:

Remember, that as an editor, you are still a noder. You are not beyond reproach. It is possible for you to nuke inappropriately and to do things that are simply considered to be generally wrong. It happens.

This is not to say that is happens much. In fact, it happens rarely. But if a user asks you about something you've done, think for a moment before you answer and (briefly) consider the possibility that you might be the one at fault. You might not be, but think about it at least.

And, another thing: if you happen to be an editor, I will not have you complain about it. With the exception of a choice few, you know what was going to happen when you were granted an editorship, and you accepted those possibilities and responsibilities. Yes, you can voice your dislike for things, that's fine, but I really hate it when I hear an editor say "the users make my job so hard." Guess what, hombre? The users are your job. If you don't like the job, no one is stopping you from leaving the content editors group.

I don't mean to beat you editors up, because we all know you perform priceless services to us all, but remember that as an editor, you are held to a higher standard. That's why you were granted it in the first place. You are the best of the best -- remember that.

-- End Rant --