Hrm.. First Daylog in a while.

I'm still working. I was given a sharp cut in pay, but I'm till employed, so that's a plus. I guess. I suppose I should be working now, playing with X509 certificate code, but I'm feeling slightly disillusioned. Maybe it's because it's a Monday, or perhaps because I feel like the new managment gives me the respect of a trained chimp and I could now make more money doing telemarketing. Granted, I 've told myself on several occasions that I'm not doing this for the money, but the point has come to where I'm not sure if I can pay my bills and still have the luxary of food.

Oh well, there is also plenty to be happy about. The love of my life just got her first job, and is soon about to get laid off from it due to bad fiscal planning on the part or her employer. She is not at all sad about it because she hates the job, she'll get severence pay and she still lives at home so she has no bills. Lucky girl.

I've finally got the cobbles together to resume working on my own side projects again, namely my weblog ( and my first serious foray into mobile applications, the Pyxidis NotePad ( The latter is a cool little thing, and it's letting me once again use HDML and gives me an excuse to play with the 'wireless web' feature of my NeoPoint PCS handset.

I'm still striving towards that lofty goal of getting paid to do my own stuff. I hope to make a 'thing' that is cool enough as to actually get investors, etc, so I can devote myself to full time. I'm somehow doubting that will happen, though. I'm in a cynical phase right now.

Oh, and I've got a cold. Feh. ** sniffle **

Wow... my highest ranked node just broke +100. I'd be happy if it wasn't such a painful memory.