A year and some ago I was introduced, by a friend of mine (a former cabbie), to the gentleman in question, and I was sorely underwhelmed. I was expecting that everyone would expect from "The Subway Vigilante" -- some huge, buff, ex-military guy with no neck and a million tattoos. Not so.

He's a real unassuming guy, the typical nondescript New Yorker. He really doesn't seem like the type who would do what he did -- but the fact stands that he did it. He admits it, and he is not ashamed of it (which surprised me). He maintains that he didn't know they were 'unarmed' -- he saw something in their hands, and he was terrified because of what had happened to him before.

But, either way, he's rebuilt his life now, or as much as possible -- he runs a small electrical testing equipment supply company called, aptly enough, 'Vigilante Electronics' (www.vigilante-electronics.com). I got a good deal on a power supply from him.