Request for Comment

an E2 Mini-Gathering during Comdex, 2001 in Las Vegas

I am going to Comdex-Las Vegas this year, and I am under the understanding that, since any E2'ers are of technology disciplines as well, a number of other Noders might be there as well. This is why I propose we arrange a sub-Gathering during Comdex week.

Why? Because many noders live in areas where the E2 population is slim-to-nonexistant, and I would like the chance to meet people since we're going to be close to each other anyway.

Therefore I'd like to put this out on the table as an idea; However, I am not a veteran Comdex'er, so it might be better if a person seasoned of Las Vegas handles the actual 'organizing'.

Comdex Fall (Las Vegas) will be held November 12-16 2001 in the LA Convention Center and Sands Convention Center. Please /msg me for any insights, or feel free to create a new 'Noder Gathering' node if you feel so inclined.