I less-than-three you.

..but I'm sick of your bullshit.

So I'm just sitting there, right? Just sitting there, trying to calm my nerves, when this chick comes by and starts shouting and raving about how bad her life is and how she is so pissed on by the world. No biggie, I ignore her pretty well; that is, until she starts complaining to me directly, right in my face and screaming at me like I'm supposed try to make her feel better. Okay, I decide, I'll bite. I ask what the problem is, and as Sure as Sam she starts railing me, "how dare I enter her personal space". Then she just starts dealing on everyone in the whole place and when someone tries to confront her on it, she mercilessly verbally attacks them.

I just wanted to grab her by the shoulders and scream "get your fucking head back on." But I resisted the urge, seeing as how she's sucking the administrative dick and if I did anything to upset her further, she'd have me tossed out on my ass for no other reason than she she won the popularity contest and is in with the in crowd.

Girly girl, if you're not going to tell us why you're mad, you have no right to direct your anger at us. And if you do tell us, say it once and be done with it. Radiating hostility to troll for attention only makes you more transparant.