-- Point of anal-ness. Spelling and Typefacing of the Apple Line.

Being an '0ld sk00l' Apple 2'er, I feel I must jump in here and give a little cheat-sheet on the correct way to spell the various models of the ][.

  • Apple ][

    Used whenever refering to the first Apple ][ released and also, more frequently, used when talking about the entire line. I.E., an Apple ][ series machine.

  • Apple ][+

    Correct spelling for the 'Apple Two Plus'. It is not using the later double-slash convetion of the later models.

  • Apple //e

    The 'Apple Two Ee'. Most people get this right.

  • Apple //c

    The 'Apple Two See'. Again, most people get it right.

  • Apple IIgs

    The 'official' way Apple Internally spells it, with two capital 'I's instead of '][' or '//', and with lower case 'gs' (which is not required -- upper case is acceptable).

  • Apple //c+

    The 'Apple Two See Plus'. Same convetion as the //c.

  • Apple III

    Not really a member if the Apple ][ Series, included nonetheless. Apple was very liberal about spelling this one; they allowed for either three captial 'I's to be used, or the more Atari-ish ']I[' to be used as well.

Since E2 has a shortcomming when it comes to doing ['s and ]'s, you must 'escape' then (as it were) using the HTML codes of [ for the '[' and ] for the '].