Assume for a second the statement that the universe has a cause. Now, consider the cause of it. Does it need a cause? If so, what about its cause? Does it need one? You could keep going on and on, but I refuse to believe in an infinite chain of causality, as it seems quite illogical. So, I conclude that at the top of whatever hierarchy of creation, there must be something that simply exists, without cause. A naturalist will argue that the Universe we live in is without cause, and a creationist will argue that the Universe must have a cause. I believe that cause is God. So, who then created God? He does not need a creator, and here is why:

The notion of cause-and-effect is tied to Time. Because time is a part of our Universe, I don't think we can escape the conclusion that something outside it caused it. However, we can only see that time is a part of our Universe; there is no reason to believe that anything outside has to be time-based. We can only refer to causality inside our Universe. So, what happened before the Universe was started? Well, there is no such thing as "before the Universe".