My cat was gone for six days, but then it started snowing. That's when it limped through our dog-door with a dislocated and chipped femur head. The doc said it would have to get surgery if it was to walk OK. The surgery is called femoral head ostectomy, which basically involves removing the joint. Then, the pet's body forms some scar tissue which makes a false joint, which is strong enough for small animals to walk on. So, in two months, my pet should be walking around fine. Right now, it looks worse than when it walked in the door, as it is shaved, stitched, and the leg is still nonfunctional. It also has some sort of patch on its shoulder, to provide pain relief. Oh, and it is really bored because it can't go anywhere.

Update 2002/04/14 By now the cat is walking around fine. It's actually been that way for a while, but I forgot about this node.