OK, not counting my titling, no ASCII symbol 0x65 nor 0x45 occurs in this wu, though it unavoidably occurs in its HTML tags. I think I shall possibly try to construct a good composition without it. Sadly, I can't think of how to amplify this paragraph's bulk so much as to allow for any significant comparison with A Void, which is a book, I kid you not! Should I magnify it with <big>? I think not; that would count as faking. In addition, ruffling through all of my dictionary for difficult words is tiring, so in conclusion, I'll stop writing this for now. If you want, you can add to it, but I do warn you thus: writing with a constraint is difficult! Anyway, in total this tiny work is only 155 words. How pitiful.

PS: Just kidding about going through all of my dictionary. I found my words by using a synonym-finding tool. :-)

Gritchka says A good start, but you'll find by practising that it's not at all hard to sustain lipogrammatic writing for as long as anybody could wish, without it looking or sounding particularly unusual. And it's fun to try too. :)