The doctors have ordered me off for another week. I hate doctors. Currently I have to see a doctor a day. RRRRR. I hate not working. I have agreed not to work in clinic. I'll obey, won't I?

On my father's side, I am related to the last man to be publicly hanged for poaching in Sherwood Forest. One of my father's cousins assures me that this is true, though they haven't quite tracked down his name yet. That was not the last hanging for poaching in Sherwood Forest. It was the last public hanging. After that, you weren't allowed to bring your kids, spread out a blanket, have a picnic, and watch the body twitch.

Not that I would ever question or subvert authority......

Don't ever take a position. You need to be able to shift weight in case you step on something sharp. Stay balanced. Take both sides and practice arguing with yourself. It's not good luck that will move you but hard work. Watch for the opening. If you are balanced and ready, make your move.