I stayed home from work today, mostly because I've been exhausted from covering for those gone on vacation at work and also because I have a nagging suspicion that I haven't devoted enough time to myself in the past few weeks. My boyfriend left for his grandmother's lake house in Minnesota this morning after dropping me off by my apartment, but I'm certainly not envious; it's a family gathering of some sort, and not being a member of the family, I can breathe a deep sigh of relief because I'm never really sure how to handle large groups of family members. My family is very, very small.

I tried both pineapple and coconut flavored sodas today, and I can honestly say that both are quite tasty. I still have a bottle of guava in the fridge, but I'm saving it for last - it's by far the most exotic, though I bet any of these would make a fabulous mixer with tequila or gin.

Before reading today's daylogs, I read the daylogs from two years ago by accident. When I realized that I was reading the daily experiences from people two years ago - the day of the Concorde crash in Paris - I was immediately thrown into a sort of forced memory of where I was on that date: Wichita, Kansas, living out the last weeks of my post adolescent/pre-adult life, the last two weeks I ever lived with my parents, and all the scurrying around to get moved to Seattle and on with my life. Things ended up completely different(two years later, I am happy and moderately successfully in Chicago, half way across the United States), but I'm happy now, so I suppose all of the heartbreak and circumlocution was worth it.

Today was a good food day. I had, in addition to the aforementioned sodas, croissants, smoked salmon, green onions and carrots dipped in ranch dressing, and a beer.