An early RPG for the PSX, it was rather par for the course.

There were only three characters in the game. Rudy, the usual loner-hero type who had an unusual knack for guns, the standard princess girl magic user type who would ultimately fall for our hero, and the comical sword-slinging sidekick.

The plot was rather standard, if I recall correctly, demons, who in this fantasy world are robots, are waiting to be unleashed. Eventually a 'Mother' demon awakens to let loose all hell and it's up to our heroes to save the day.

The gameplay was just like a normal Final Fantasy clone with one saving grace. Puzzles, and lots of em. There were various tools which could be used when exploring a dungeon or other locale. These were simple devices such as a grappling hook or bomb. With this tool system in place, some rather mind-numbing puzzles could be woven into every dungeon, cave or tower of doom making the game interesting in that respect.