I'm going to put a writeup here so that I can rescue this nodeshell from The Nodeshell Rescue Team.

In the Catholic Church, you can't really nominate this guy for sainthood--only a bishop can officially open a cause for a particular holy person. However, most causes are initiated by bishops because a group of people in his diocese publicize the life and deeds of a person, and so you can certainly have an influence on whether this guy does eventually get nominated.

Of course, other churches have different ways of recognizing saints. I believe that the Orthodox Churches maintain the older tradition that allows any bishop to canonize in their diocese. Furthermore, official recognition doesn't make someone a saint; the number of official saints is miniscule compared to the number of unrecognized saints--that is to say, those people who have gone to Heaven. The Catholic church recognizes this with the feast of All Saint's Day on November 1, which is a day to recognize all the holy people who have not been singled out by church authorities.