This is neither the worst nor the best movie I've ever seen. It is, however, the most effective pro-polyamory film I've seen. What the trailers and the billboards don't tell you is that the car chases and gunfights were only put in to distract the studio heads from the love triangle that's at the heart of the story. The two male leads are archetypes: the manly man and the sensitive guy--imagine the two halves of Captain Kirk from "The Enemy Within." They're not subtle about this--at one point Cate Blanchett's character screams out, "if I could put you together, you'd be the perfect man!" And at the end of the movie, she does just that; the three of them have a happy relationship in Acapulco.

What struck me about this film was the unselfconsciousness with which it approach its "alternative lifestyle." Simply by being about polyamory without announcing "My characaters are violating society's regimented rules!" it went way beyond any one of a hundred second-rate indie flicks by people who think that they're making a statement.