We got to the party at about 7:30, the doors were supposed to open at 7:00, but they weren't letting anyone in yet, so we waited in the van. We had smoked up on the way there, and I was getting the munchies in force; alas we brought no food, bugger, bugger, bugger! I worried a little about taking the E on a completely empty (and growling) stomach, but since it's an appetite suppressant I figured I'd at least feel better after taking it.

They let us in at about 8:30. There weren't many people there yet, and almost no one was dancing, so we claimed some seats and chilled for a while. Neil took his tab shortly after we got in, I held off on taking mine until I was pretty sure the party was going to be cool. It was probably around 9:30 when I did take it. I went into a bathroom stall to retrieve the tab from my wallet, and hid it in my cheek until I got to a water fountain. It tasted horrible, and I couldn't get it down on my first try. I was a little worried that the cops just outside might take an interest in me if I stayed in front of the water fountain too long, but fortunately I got it down on my second try. The effects started after about 40 minutes. I was just sitting with my friends listening to the DJ, and very slowly the energy creeped up on me. I knew it started when I closed my eyes and it felt divine. I sat with my eyes scruched up for a few minutes until there was just too much energy in me to sit still, and I had to start dancing.

I was a little shy at first, since I'm usually very introverted, and not at all good at dancing, but pretty soon I stopped caring and just let myself move. It felt wonderful. Every muscle was begging to be used, and I tried to appease them. The music, which was previously too loud and hurting my poor ears was now the perfect volume. I could feel the vibrations through the floor and the walls, as well as my own body. I was so into dancing that I didn't notice when Ryan, Steven, and Mike went off into another part of the building. I was terribly disapointed when I noticed they were gone, I was full of love and I wanted to share it with them. When I saw them coming back I immediately ran up and gave Mike a big hug, and then gave Steven one because he looked disappointed not to get one.

I danced some more. A lot more. Then I went outside to cool off. Neil was out there talking to some candy kids. I joined their circle and stole a drag from Neils cig. The candy kid in furry tigger pants asked if I was rolling too. Neil told him I was, and he offered me a binky if I needed something to bite on. My jaw was clenching quite a bit, but I decided I could handle it. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone, I'm not very sociable most of the time, but that night I would have talked to anyone. It started drizzling a little while later, and the small drops of cold felt delicious on my skin. I danced a lot more that night, whenever the energy returned. My friends mostly just sat and enjoyed the music and vibrating walls. They said they just felt too good to move much. I hope that's not what happens after doing E several times, because for me it just felt so good I had to dance.

My first time rolling was on MDA, which was a little speedier, and didn't give me the tactile enhancement that I was experiencing on the MDMA. I was also much more sociable and euphoric on the MDMA than the MDA, and the burnout the next day wasn't nearly as bad either. (although that could be because I took a 5-HTP as we left the rave.) I also burned quite a bit of the fat that I've put on since taking up smoking weed. My pants were considerably looser the next day, but I gained muscle too because I actually weighed more. I'm in decent shape now, and all from one night of dancing like a maniac. I love E!