First against the wall when the revolution comes...

So I guess it's finally true: lyrics nodes are on the way out.

Not that we didn't see it all coming. I didn't expect it to be a voluntary removal, but I knew it would happen some day, so I didn't get overly excited when I heard about the new policy. I had been anticipating the time when my lyrics writeups would have to stand on their own, without the material they were referencing, and I expected many of them would require additional work. I also imagined we would get some sort of thanks for editing our own works -- some small acknowledgement that the value of our previous transcription work was not simply being nullified.

So I was a little bothered by the explanation we were given in E2 Copyright Changes. "Noders who aspire to become professional writers" are now apparently the favored group in the community, with the implication that anyone who happens to like reading the lyrics to their favorite song is not one of the "talented people." This is in contrast to the traditional opinion of lyrics writeups among the users, which always seemed to be positive, or at least tolerant (My own 24-odd nodes which feature lyrics or other material not written by me have a combined rep of +460/-66, keeping in mind I have had at least two systematic downvoters in the two years I've had this account. I love you guys.)

But we always knew this was the playground of the gods, and that we were just borrowing it for a while. Now e2 is "a writer's site for writers." So be it. There doesn't seem to be any point in putting additional work into my previous contributions. To quote Toasterleavings:

Fact: Do not expect me to keep being here cause I am already gone.


(Do msg me you thoughts, and no, when the time comes, I won't let the door hit my ass on the way out.)