It was a great morning today. First of all, it was raining.

My host family here in Japan is bugging me a little. Particularly, my host mom is kind of strict.

This morning, I was in the bathroom.In many Japanese houses, the toilet and the sink are in two different bathrooms. Now, the toilet bathroom is very very small- basically there is only a toilet in the room- there is a sink built into the top of the toilet so that one can wash one's hands.

In my house's toilet bathroom, there are lots of small figurines that my host mom put in there to decorate it. Most of them are dwarves- there is a definite Snow White theme to the room. Normally, I like this bathroom. However- this morning I was washing my hands after using the bathroom. Bearing in mind that the bathroom is very small, I bumped into a shelf on the wall. The shelf, made from wood and containing 6 of the 7 dwarves on it, fell to the floor. The shelf and the dwarves were undamaged; however, there were two ceramic rabbits on the floor below the shelf- one of the rabbits broke into many fragments. So then, i have broken this stupid rabbit when i hear my host mom start yelling at me because my host dad wants to use the bathroom. So here i have this broken rabbit to clean up, and this shelf which i have to pick up and my dad waiting to use the bathroom, and my mom bitching me out.


I get out of the bathroom- I put down the pieces of the broken rabbit and the shelf (I am apologizing continuously). My mom is yells at me because I took so long in the bathroom- she didnt care that much about the rabbit as long as I pay for it. She tells me to go wash my hands(which i had already washed after I used the bathroom anyway, but she thinks that I dont wash my hands because some previous exchange student of my host family's did not- usually I come out of the bathroom with my hands still a little damp to show that I had washed them, but this particular time my hands became dry while I was picking up the pieces of the rabbit.) So, in order to wash my hands ASAP, I go to the kitchen sink...My mom yells at me for using the kitchen sink to wash my hands, because she uses the kitchen sink when cooking. I go back to the now-vacant bathroom to wash my hands- she yells at me again and says that i have to go use the sink in the bathroom where the shower is and not the one in the bathroom where the toilet is.

After that I basically ate my breakfast (too small, as usual) as quickly as possible and ran out the door.