Today I had udon for breakfast. After that, I ran out the door to make the 8:01 Hankyu train to school, which begins every day at 8:40. I am lucky to live so close to school, most people here have to commute for at least an hour each way, whereas i get off super-easy with only a 20 minute walk and a 3- minute train ride for a total of 23 minutes to get to school.

Class was good. I am talking to my teacher a lot every day and we are getting on really well. Usually wednesday's 3+ hours of grammar class are boring, but today i talked so much and it was really great. At the end of class, we watched the music video of "White Love", which is a new song by Kuwata Keisuke. After that, I went to lunch with people from my kenpo team- we have practice tonight, and every night this week as we are preparing for a big meet next month. It has gotten quite cold here in Japan, and I have started to use the thicker quilt on my futon in order to stay warm at night.