My roommate never showed up yesterday. He called me from Boston at around 1 AM and said that he would be coming today. He was a little drunk I think, he said he is getting me some '40's. My room is still a mess, because all the stuff that he left in people's rooms was given back to me by people moving in yesterday. Now there is a pile of stuff sitting in the middle of my room waiting for my roommate. Instead of organizing any more, I am listening to Wu Bai at high volume and reading the BBC news on my computer. There are new kids on our hall, including a new kid up from the Japanese floor (I live in the "foreign language" dorm) downstairs (he came up to get a single) and some new kids in my old room (really about the size of a broom closet) at the end of the hall. BBC news sure is great, I like it a lot better than the globe, just because they are not so subjective when it comes to international news and also they have much better coverage overall for world news.

I think I am going to use my new rice cooker to make lunch, but that is still a little ways off. My new plan is to cook rice once per day(maybe early in the morning) and use my microwave to reheat it for two meals hence saving time. Tomorrow I have class at 9:30

well, it's almost 2 in the afternoon. My roommate came back. I have made a chinese music metanode, wrote the names of all the people I could think of and I am going to spend the rest of the day working on it ( I invite anyone who knows about it to help me)